Star Trek: A Rift In Time

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Star Trek: A Rift In Time

Post  DalekEmperor101 on Mon 02 Jun 2014, 21:06

The Prequel and a segment of Chapter One. Thoughts?

Once again, the two most legendary shows over come together to fight the biggest foes of all. The Daleks. The Borg. And……The Master. As hell breaks loose, and Star Fleet starts to crumble, there is only one hope. Captain Jean Luc Picard and his crew. But, even the greatest captain of all time needs help. An old friend drops in to help fight the biggest battle of Star Trek history. And there is one thing connecting them all. Wolf 359. Bad Wolf


Hell. A place everyone is afraid of. But what happens, when hell comes to you? Do you run and cower? Or do you stand and fight? Lieutenant Charles Degret decided he would rather run. Being a coward half his life, he only ever felt safe on the Enterprise. Yet, it turned out to be the unluckiest ship ever. Then again, it had the best crew at the helm, so he always felt safe. He had made a lot of new friends after he joined the ship. Lieutenant Barclay was one of them. He always seemed to think something was wrong with him, but there never was. Somehow though, Charles always felt safe after he had talked to Barclay. Because of course, this ship was the safest out there. Charles sighed as he walked down the corridor to Engineering. He rubbed his forehead, worrying what Commander Data would say if he turned up late. He knew the android didn’t feel emotion, but he was always uneasy around him. He didn’t really know why. It just seemed that Data was a very unusual character. He had spoken to Councillor Trio about his worries, and she had assured him, that Data was quite safe. Even so, he always felt a little worried. ’Its just Nerves!” he would tell himself. He entered engineering, and wandered over to his station. He looked down at his work, trying not to make eye contact with anyone else. He wanted to make sure he was the best of the best. Do well on his shift, speak to people later. He had always worked like this, ever since the Academy. Maybe that’s why he didn’t have many friends. But he knew, the ones he did have, were great. They never doubted him, even when he doubted himself. They were true friends. He looked up to one of the other work stations, to see Captain Picard standing next to Geordi La Forge. Head of Engineering. ’something is going on!” he told himself. He looked down and concentrated on his work. After all, what ever was going on, Picard was the best captain around. Plus, this was the safest ship out there…

Data leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. He shifted, trying to get into a good position. He sat up, and looked over and spot, his ginger tabby cat.
“I don’t understand Spot. Humans seem to get great comfort out of stretching, but it doesn’t do anything for. Maybe, its meant as a gesture. To show you are calm and relaxed. He turned on his computer and opened several files on human behaviour. As he browsed through, he came to one that was labelled Human Body Language. He quickly skimmed through the information in the file, before closing it. He leaned back in his chair once again.
“Didn’t explain much Spot,” He murmured.  
As he reached for a DataPad, his communicator beeped. He tapped the badge.
“Commander Data to the bridge” came the Captains stern voice.
Instinctively, the android stood up, and wandered over to the door. He looked behind him, glancing at Spot. He turned, walking out of his room. He moved swiftly down the corridor before reaching the TurboLift. 
“Deck 1 - Bridge” He said. His voice was monotone. Dry and cybernetic. As the Lift reached the Bridge, the doors smoothly slid open, and Data walked out, and down to his post. He slid into his seat, just as Captain Picard walked out of his office. 
“Number One, ive just heard some very disturbing new. Its seems the Borg are moving out of the Delta Quadrant. There are rumours that they have far superior ships then ourselves. A new design the Admirals are calling Delta Class.” he paused and clicked his badge, “All senior members of staff, to the briefing room.” 
He looked over at Lieutenant Barclay.
“You have the bridge”
He moved off towards the briefing room. Lieutenant Worf, Data & Councillor Trio followed him. Commander Riker walked forward towards Barclay
“Let me know if the sensors pick up the new ship design.” he said. He turned, following the others into the briefing room.
He sat down in his respective chair, and looked over to the Captain, who was pacing round the table.
“Its seems we have another problem, other than these new ships. It seems that High Command have spotted another ship closer to Earth. A small, blue, wooden box” He sighed

The Doctor pulled down several switches, before leaping across the room. He pushed two buttons, before twisting a tap, and leaping back across the room. He looked over to three other people that were in the room. A Sontaran, a Human, and a member of the Silurian Race.
“ Strax, Jenny and Vastra! Oh are you a sight for sore eyes!” he beamed at them, with his happiest grin.
“May I ask why we are here sir?” pondered the Sontaran. 
“Yea’. You just seemed to think ya’ could pull us from our timeline!” put in Jenny.
The Doctor looked at them and smiled. 
“Seeing as Amy and Rory are on holiday, I decided it would be good to have some of my other friends on board! Plus, I love you guys!” He through his arms out in a hugging pose, before turning quickly and pulling down a switch.
“Now, I was thinking we could visit somewhere that would entertain Straz, first, to keep him quiet while we do more quiet things later!” 
He swung round and hit a switch. TARDIS lurched forward, sending Strax, Jenny and Vastra flying. The Doctor leaped to the other side of console, before hitting several more switches. Sparks and flames leapt into the air, catching the Doctor. The Doctor threw himself back, as one of the panels exploded, flying off and smashing on the wall behind him. The Doctor leapt up, shoving the sonic into what remained of the destroyed panelling, before racing round to turn on the scanner. He looked up, before looking towards Strax, Jenny and Vastra.
“Welcome,” he said softly, “To StarFleet…”

Chapter One

“A blue box, wouldn’t happen to say Police on it, would it?” Asked Commander Riker
“Im afraid Will, it does. It seems the Doctor isn’t finished here. Im guessing that the new ships have something to do with his enemies coming over here to our universe. Ive arranged for Guinean to help us while the Doctor is here. Mr Worf, I want a full security detail when the Doctor arrives on the ship.”
“Aye sir” grunted Worf, in his usual Klingon manner
“La Forge, I want updates on what we can do to reinforce our hull and shields. Any new weapon ideas, feel free to let me know”
“Sir, me, Data and Barclay have been working a new modulating shield and phaser device. In theory, it could calculate a new frequency after every shot.” 
“Good. How long will it take for this new device to be completed?” asked Picard
“About four days sir. But, I could cut it down to three at a push”
“Make it so. Mr Worf, take us to yellow alert. Will, you have the bridge.”

“Star…Fleet?” asked Straax
“Yes. The defender of galaxies. Well, that’s what they call themselves. And they do. There are many races bent on destroying them. But they never give up.”
“So why are we here?” Wondered Jenny
“Not sure yet. Seems we were brought here. No idea by what, but im guessing Picard wont be happy that im here.”
“Picard? Is he an enemy?” asked Strax
“No! By far, Picard is like myself. Saving the universe from threats that could wipe out even the Daleks.”
“So why wont he be happy to see you?”
The Doctor walked over to the console.
“Last time I was here, so were the Cybermen. They joined forces with an enemy known as the Borg. I hoped that I had stopped them, but it seems I was wrong..”
The Doctor glanced at the dials.
“Well it is Picard era, which is good news. would have been bad if I met Archer or Kirk. I was on Voyager once, but that was a long time ago in my eighth incarnation. At least its familiar ground. Ish. But still! Don’t complain and have a Jelly baby!”
As the Doctor worked over to the doors, he swung back to look at the other three.
“Wait here! You might stir things up! Ill be back as soon as I can!”
As he went outside, Strax looked at Vastra.
“Can we get a new taxi driver?” he asked
“Strax! Im sure the Doctor has a good explanation!”
“You hope ma’am..” said Jenny

As Wesley Crusher sat down to start reading on the history of Star Fleet, he sighed. He put the book down and wandered over to the replicator. Asking for a glass of water, the cup and liquid began to appear. When it had fully formed, he took the cup and sat down at his desk again. He straightened his uniform, before he glances at the book again. He flicks through several pages, before he places the books down again. As he looks out his window, he gasps as a big blue box begins to appear out of no-where in the ground. Stunned, he ran out of his room, and outside. He walked up to the box, placing his had on the object. Wood. Puzzled, he moved round the strange object. As he backed away to get a better look, another student walked over.
“Whats that Wes?” he asked
“No idea,” replied Wesley. “Buts its not from around here!”
Confused, the other cadet opened his Tri-Corder.
“Its wood. Just wood. Bu, it has no dimesions, no size, no physical form. Its impossible!”
“No its not!”
The two cadets jumped as a man in a tweed jacket clasped his hands on their shoulders. 
“Who are you?” asked Welsey
The man clasped his hands together, before straightening his bow-tie.
“Im the Doctor. And you are?” he replied
“Im Charles. And this is Wesley”
The Doctor smiled, before patting his TARDIS
“Well, no need to be afraid. Im totally and most definitely not your enemy!”
As he swung round, his smile drooped slightly as several more cadets and two security officers walked over.
“Well, it seems that they don’t think that!”
Walking forward, he waved his arms in the air, signalling his was a friend
“Im not your enemy!”
The two security guards looked at each other, before gripping the Doctors shoulders.
“Come with us please” came the gruff voice of one of the guards
“Well, seeing as you asked nicely!”
He turned back, smiling at Charles and Wesley, before he was lead away by the two men. Wesley and Charles looked at each other, before they rubbed their heads.

The Doctor was lead into a vast room, with a row of chairs on each side of a massive table. Smiling to himself, he walked over to the seats. He looked all around it before finally sitting down. He leant back in the chair and smiled at the guards
“I am your friend you know. I mean now harm!” He grin failed, when three more security officers entered into the room, followed by several Starfleet admirals.
“Doctor. We need to talk.”
     As the admirals sat around the desk, the Doctor twitched, looking around, making a note of everything that was in the room. Quickly glancing around, he noticed the three new security guards had two pins on the sides of their uniforms. A symbol he had seen before, but couldn’t quite remember. Leaning forward and squinting to get a better look, he tumbled forward, landing at their feet. Smiling, he quickly stood up and paced towards the front of the table.
“You wanted to speak to me?” The Doctor’s grin turned into a serious frown
“Indeed we did. You are an enemy of the Federation Doctor.” Replied one of the admirals.
     The Doctor looked at the admirals uniform. He had the same emblem on his shoulders as well, this time, enclosed in a circle.
“Fascinating…” he glanced across every admiral, observing all but one had the symbol on them.    
“Last time you were here, you brought chaos to the Alpha quadrant. Rogue Borg known as ‘Cybermen’ began taking over planets and assisting the Borg in their conquest. As we know, they turned on the Borg and you defeated them. But we, the council here today, believe you are responsible.”
     Smiling, the Doctor began pacing the room.
“Whats your name?” he asked
“Im sorry?” The admiral looked taken back.
“Your name. What is it?” The Doctor moved closer to him.
     The admiral quickly nodded to the guards, who placed their hands on their phasers. 
“I see even that wont be told.”
“Indeed.” The Admiral nodded at the guards, who relaxed.
     Sitting down slowly, the Doctor looked across each face. Suddenly realizing what was going on, he leapt up.
“I knew I remembered that symbol on your arms! Your in an alliance! One the Federation council and Starfleet doesn’t know off!” clasping his hand on his mouth, the Doctor swung around, and headed for the door. The security guards cut him off.
“Who we are, isn’t a concern of yours. All you need to know, is you want be helping anyone!”
     Leading the Doctor out, the doors to the room closed. Smiling, the Admiral looked across the room at the other men.
“Seems he knows too much. I suggest elimination”
“Negative,” A rough, mechanical voice rang out. “He is needed alive!”

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