James Bond - Reboot!

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James Bond - Reboot!

Post  PlanetProductions123 on Sun 04 Aug 2013, 10:15

No they are not making a reboot Razz LOL But I am. Smile

When I am older in my Teenage years when I'm not a small little child (xD) I will be making a James Bond Film. Since last night Razz . 

I'm afraid no one can voice this I'm afraid since this will be real life but If I do you guys will be the 1st to know.

Also I have already done the Theme for the Film and the Name is Official. Also If you need any good singers to sing the theme please tell me. Smile 

Name: Just Dreams

Theme: (Piano)

It used to be fun,
when I was just young,
I used to Dream,
But now It's Reality.

Dreaming of My Future,
And Now It's happening,
But now you have to remember,
I'm now awake.

I'm Older and Stronger,
and ready for it all. (x4)

It used to be fine,
In this fantasy of Mine.

But Now it's real.
with my Gun of Steel,

My Blood now Spills,
With Near Many Kills,

It's time to give up,
Or Earth will Erupt,
But who cares...

I'm Older and Stronger
and ready for it all. (x4)

I now ly here in Pain
While poured with Rain

My Time Is Closing,
Along with my Hope

They've won the Game
By Taking my Luck

It's time to Die,

I'm Older and Stronger
and Ready for It all (x4)

Now let's make History
Because now it's not Just Dreams!

(So Tell me what you think Very Happy )

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Re: James Bond - Reboot!

Post  Kevin's Customs on Mon 05 Aug 2013, 03:12

That sounds like a really cool song Planet... but put that with one of your videos this will be EPIC

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