The Lifetime I've been away! - A PP123 Tale! ;)

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The Lifetime I've been away! - A PP123 Tale! ;)

Post  PlanetProductions123 on Sat 20 Jul 2013, 10:55

Hey Posting once again. So much has happened while I've been gone.

Well with Google Hangout I have been making a lot of LIVE Doctor Who Videos broadcasting to YouTube!

Link to Channel:

If you would like the chance to be apart of the TEAM please contact me by PM Smile

Also I have a "professional" YouTube Gameplay Channel. Which has lots of Minecraft and Some Happy Wheels!


And also you may remember I had a brilliant Channel called PlanetProductions123. Due to Termination...

Link to New Channel:

So there you have it, the full experience of my Videos. Smile

Also on a much different topic, I am happy to say I am no longer single. And Scary, Camp and many more, no it is not Amelia Jones ;P. But happily she is a massive Whovian, And i hope we are together forever. Smile
I will ask her to Join Nerd Soup when I see her next! Very Happy

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