Formal Apology

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Formal Apology

Post  Oswin on Wed 10 Jul 2013, 20:44

I won't hang about and go on for a while, but I just wanted to apologise for anything that I have said/done that has offended any members of the forum (most recently the events in the chatbox which resulted in a ban for a short duration of time). 

Initially, I thought that a ban for a small argument that had ensued in the chatbox was a bit extreme, but having been informed that the decision would not be changed; I then just let the situation calm, and play out to the end. It has allowed me to think about my actions, and reflect upon them, ultimately realising that they were wrong. So I know fully comprehend the decision of the administrators to do this, and thank them for making me sit back and take notice of my actions, and what I had done. 

I am, of course, very grateful to the administrators for being given a final chance. As I have mentioned already, the ban gave me time to reflect upon my actions, and thus has made me mature, and think about what I am posting, when I am posting, and think about how I speak and communicate with others in the chatbox. The use of smilies, I understand, can sometimes be intimidating (especially if they are unknown to the majority). I have also re-familiarised myself with the rules in order to prevent myself from breaking them again, and this has also allowed me to think myself how I would prevent any rule breakages from happening in the future. 

The ban that was put in place also ensured that I would not have argued further in regard to the current status (at the time) of the Moderator Elections. My intention was not to wind up or antagonise any members by notifying the masses of where one member was in terms of votes, but looking back and being informed of how that was perceived by others, I can understand how it must have seemed at the time. I am glad that the ban prevented any further arguments in that respect. 

So once again, I apologise to any members who were affected by my actions, and felt angered by them, and hope that we can look forward to a more happy future, filled with less (none-at-all) friction and tension between members; and I apologise to GeekChic112 and Phoenix especially, for it must have been very difficult for them to deal with the situation appropriately, and come to a final conclusion on what should happen to those members concerned.

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Re: Formal Apology

Post  Pendrin on Wed 10 Jul 2013, 23:57

An apology?! From Oswin?!
Goodness me, you really must have changed your tune then :laugh:
I was honestly expecting some rebuke of this ban from you about now, but seriously, thank you for understanding.
I am glad (if a little surprised) the ban made you reflect, because it really put in place to prevent any resultant arguments coming from that election, not really as a punishment. Although the comments in that discussion weren't exactly the nicest way of phrasing things, had the heated debate gone one step further, we'd have had a real mess on our hands, and you'd be a goner for sure.
The chatbox can be a dangerous place and seemingly harmless comments can escalate very quickly and spill onto the forum. Having seen how much the beginning of 'Round 2' caused excitement and friction, we really wanted to avoid any conflict altogether. At first, I agree, a ban does seem harsh, but when you consider what could have happened by the end of the results, we just didn't want to risk having a huge argument starting on here afterwards, because I'm sure some comments would be made which people would later regret, as is the nature of these things - they can sometimes cause unneeded levels of excitement. Shame really.
Had it been a thread, we'd have locked it, but the chatbox is one bad cookie sometimes. Just remember that next time we won't always be there to stop you doing something silly. You are still on your last warning, so anything more and we'll have to boot you. I suggest you double check the rules again and ensure you don't get snagged on something, and equally, if you feel overly angry/excited/passionate etc., just take a step back and think before you post, just to ensure you don't offend anyone.
Thanks again Oswin!

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