My intentions

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My intentions

Post  GeekChic112 on Tue 25 Jun 2013, 19:05

Hey all of NerdSoup!

You may or may not have noticed but I wasn't on the forum for a long while and only recently have become active again. This was down to numerous things: Grudges against members here, more activity on other forums, my everyday life and just generally forgetting this place sometimes. But while I was away I did think about the first point a lot. My life has taken a bit of a U-turn lately and I've seen things in a different light.

I've learned to consider all views. That doesn't just mean to hear what they have to say, but to actually listen to where they are coming from and what they mean. I want to enforce this on myself more and more. I will only ever respond if I feel I have evidence or sufficient backing for/against an argument. I think I proved this with Scary the other day. The Gay Marriage discussion is quite a hot topic here with people extreme on both sides. But I was discussing it with Scary over PM's and told him how Hypocritical it would be of me to disregard his way of life and expect him to approve of mine. It just wouldn't be fair. 

I just want to be friends with everyone. I'm not the best at speaking and sometimes have to be quite blunt with what I'm saying. It may seem rude, but its sometimes the only way I can communicate my point. 

Thanks for your time. 

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